Real estate has experienced a marketing revolution over the past ten years. Suddenly, we went from decades of stale billboard and bus-seat advertising campaigns to immersive and targeted digital strategies.

First came search engines and social media. Both advertising platforms allowed realtors to target specific kinds of people with specific messages. But now we’ve gone beyond digital. Geolocating is here and it will once again change the way that you market your real estate business.

How does geolocation work?

Geolocating, or geofencing, the technology automatically sends an alert to a user’s phone based on where they are located. All you need is a platform—Snapchat and Trulia come ready-made for geolocating—to get started and you can send targeted messages as soon as people get near your office or listings.

How can estate agents use geolocation to market their business?

As you can imagine, the technology can be harnessed by realtors in several ways…

For sale signs of the future:

As discussed above, potential buyers can receive a message as soon as they are near a property for sale. The alert can direct them to the property and let them call the realtor without the buyer having to do anything.

Open houses:

Using beacon technology, a more localized version of geolocating, realtors can revolutionize the open house. Beacons installed in each individual room can send specific information directly to the viewer’s phone without the agent having to intervene.

Price change alerts:

Realtors can get specific with the kind of messages they send, letting buyers know whether a property they are near has dropped in price or whether it is new on the market.

Customized Snapchat filters:

Embrace social media by sending customized Snapchat filters to users’ phones. This can be perfect if your business is sponsoring a local event or if you’re just looking for a unique way to grab the attention of potential buyers. Welcome users to the area and encourage them to visit your office.

Why use geolocating?

Consumers have learned to turn switch off when it comes to direct marketing. The beauty of geolocating is that it empowers consumers to explore your offering in their own time when they are ready. But because alerts are sent to smartphones, you’re able to reach customers through their most treasured possession. Consider the location element, too. By using geolocating you’re creating highly qualified leads based on geography and other factors. Instead of wasting time and money on unqualified leads, you’re targeting the people who matter.

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